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12/31 – 5:30am, Noon, 4:30pm

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In the spirit of the coming new year, Alex talks about getting back to the basics:

Sometimes, we as CrossFitters, get caught up in trying to look cool and work on and perfect the "cool" higher skill movements. I mean, how cool does it look watching someone do a bunch of unbroken muscle ups, or snatch 200 plus pounds?? I know! I'm guilty of this at times too. The thing is, these movements and skills take months and months to achieve yet still not perfecting them leading to this constant desire to keep working on them even more…all the time. While weeks and weeks go by, you are completely neglecting the basics that got you to the point you are at today.

I say…let's get back to basics. Let's work squat therapy everyday into our warm up. Let's work on press technique and position. Let's deadlift with perfect form every single time.

But what about those cool looking movements that we usually see only the better athletes doing? How will we ever achieve that if we don't work on them?

Again I say…get back to basics. By improving your air squat through squat therapy, you improve your front and overhead squat which will help with the "cooler" olympic lifts. By proving your press technique, you improve your overhead strength which will help with handstands and handstand pushups. By improving your deadlift, you improve your strength in pulling from the floor (i.e. olympic lifts, everyday life) and even help your rowing.

They may not be as pretty, or as cool, but without dedicating regular time and practice to continuously improving those basic foundational movements, progress in those cool flashy movements and skills will only go so far.

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