We are thrilled to announce that Siva Mandava is our August 2018 Member of the Month! Siva is a valued member of our community here, and he puts in hard work week after week. Siva is active here at the gym, as well as outside of ACF. He has been making some amazing progress over the past several months and has tackled some tough races. We are glad to have him at ACF! Here are some things our coaches had to say about Siva:

Coach James had this to say: “What can I say about Siva other than he’s an absolute rockstar! He is kind, humble, and never backs down from challenging workouts. I love having him in my classes and seeing him continually progress. I think the passion Siva has for Spartan races is awesome and it’s always fun to hear about how well he does at those events. Congratulations Siva! You are an amazing member of our community and it has been a pleasure getting to know you!”

Coach Murph said: “Every time I see Siva he has made some amazing gains since the last time. I think that’s because he is constantly improving. He not only sets goals but he works to achieve them. Congratulations on becoming our newest member of the month!”

Coach Shye added: “Siva has been one of our most consistent athletes, taking advantage of all we have to offer, WODs, OCR class, yoga and even the weight room! While his strength has gone up it is his metabolic conditioning that has really improved (he recently hit a new PR for Grace by 3 minutes!). Congratulations on being the member of the Month Siva!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Siva is the nicest guy ever. Nothing but smiles and so receptive of coaching. A great person and member to have in class. Love taking class with Siva. However, lately he’s seen sporting a more stern look; a determined look. A switch has been thrown and Siva is on a mission. The spartan races have become his playground on the weekends; a 2x trifecta spartan in 2018. This is so great to see after a time cut off of the Killington Beast of 2017. Consistent PRs as of late. When you believe you achieve and Siva has this mantra figured out. I feel like he’s just starting to enjoy the process, and that’s where we grow the most. So much more to see from this man! Congrats! You’re amazing, and your wife’s amazing. ACF is fortunate to have such great people as yourself.”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “When you see Siva in the gym, you can’t help but be excited! He may seem quiet, but he brings so much energy to class! He has that look of determination on his face, and he doesn’t shy away from challenges! He is a fantastic athlete to coach, as well as workout alongside! He has been working hard in and out of the gym, and it shows! I can’t wait to see what new goals he will crush this month! Congrats, Siva!”

Coach Chris added: “Congratulations Siva on being the member of the month it is very well deserved. Siva is one of the most consistent athletes we have, He is always putting in the effort every WOD and continues to get better every day. He’s been killing the Spartan races(and he always has the best race pict) it has been awesome watching Siva continually improve. Great job Siva and keep up the great work!”

Coach Kat mentioned: “Congratulations Siva! Although I haven’t been in to see him continue kicking ass, it’s a given. Siva is constantly working hard and learning new skills. I admire the way he steps out of his comfort zone and continues to better himself. Congratulations Siva!”

Coach Pat said: “Siva is a fantastic MOM – he works hard every day, pushes himself and is a great member of the ACF community. Always a positive attitude and great to have in class.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 August Member of the Month, Siva!

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