August 2012 – Nicole Palma (ACF)

Dean gives some props:

I am proud to announce Nicole Palma as Albany CrossFit’s August Member of the Month! For those who didn't know, for the better part of the summer, she has been hitting workouts while in either a cast or in a boot due to a rock climbing accident.  Her first concern after hurting the ankle: what about CrossFit?! albany bootcamp

And this is where our story begins, Nicole came in to the gym on a regular basis post foot accident. Stopping her training was not an option. Where many would take the easy way out and just sit back and do nothing waiting to recover, she took action! With an unrelenting attitude Nicole conquered every WOD that she encountered and with a positive attitude she pushed herself and everyone around her to success. Nicole has become a huge part of our community; the gym would not be the same without her. Not to mention she is an absolute inspiration to all people at our CrossFit family.

You better believe that all are inspired by her story, and I wouldn't be surprised if she recovered faster because of working with the injury as opposed to the alternative.

Nicole, keep up the great work. Looking forward to a bunch of WODs without the boot!

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