We are excited to announce that Tim Gicewicz is our April 2018 Member of the Month! Tim may seem quiet, but he is a force to be reckoned with! Whether he’s crushing his workout in class or being a fantastic role model for his kids, he is adding great value to our community here at ACF. Here are some of the awesome things our coaching staff had to say about Tim:

Coach James had this to say: “I love having Tim in my classes. He always brings tons of positive energy with him, helps other athletes, and works his butt off every workout. In addition to being a great role model for other gym members around him, he also sets a great example for his two amazing kids who have been coming to our CrossFit Kids classes. With them Tim passes on the lessons he has learned at the gym and actively promotes living an active lifestyle and eating nutritious foods. Congratulations Tim!”

Coach Murph said: “Coaches are not supposed to have favorites. We try to help everyone to become the best they can. But, I have to admit I really enjoy when Tim is in class. Tim is one of the hardest working and consistent athletes at Albany CrossFit. He is always pushing himself to improve. He is also one of the nicest people that I’ve have ever met. He is always willing to help out in a class, volunteer at an event, cheer other athletes on or have a good conversation. I respect Tim for what he’s accomplished and he deserves this honor. Congratulations!”

Coach Shye added: “Tim has been a member of Albany CrossFit for almost 3 years and has made incredible strides in improving his fitness. He has a great attitude and is willing to work on his weaknesses. His enthusiasm for CrossFit has spread to his children who have attended our kids camps. Congrats Tim.”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Tim is very deserving of this honor. I miss being in the same class as Tim; his positivity was inspiring. I was always impressed by his strength; especially with strict movements. Tim is great community member. He naturally spreads good vibes. Congrats Tim.”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Congrats, Tim! Tim is such a kind person and creates a positive space for everyone around him! I think one of the best qualities someone can have, either inside the gym or outside, is perseverance and flexibility. Tim is a fantastic example of this. No matter what the workout or day’s challenge, he will find a way to crush it! Where many people might simply quit or get frustrated, Tim thrives and pushes that much further! He is definitely a fantastic role model for his kids, as well as others in our community! I have been seeing a lot more of Tim in my classes in the evenings, and I hope that continues! Well deserved Tim, and keep working hard!”

Coach Pat added: “I rarely get to see Tim anymore, but when I do, its always with a smile on his face ready to do some work and push himself hard. He is also a great positive energy in class and supportive of every athlete. He gets stronger, more flexible and athletic every time I see him.”

Coach Chris mentioned: “I’m am very glad that Tim is the member of the month! It is very well deserved. Tim always has a great attitude and always works hard. I also think it awesome how Tim has included his kids in the Crossfit Kids Camp. Not only is he a great guy his kids are great too! With all that he’s also supper strong, oftentimes being on the top of the leaderboard for heavy lift days. We are very lucky to have Tim at ACF, keep up the good work Tim.”

Coach Kat said: “I’m super excited to see Tim as a member of the month! He puts in the work and is always striving to be better. we are lucky to have him in our CrossFit community. Congratulations Tim!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 April Member of the Month, Tim!

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