April 2017 – Asa Stackel

Asa Stackel is our April 2017 Member of the Month! Asa works very hard both in and out of the gym to achieve his goals. He is a stand-up guy whose character represents our gym’s values. The entire coaching staff overjoyed to celebrate Asa and his achievements over the next month. Thank you, Asa, for being such an awesome member of our community! Here’s what the coaching staff had to say about Asa:

Coach Louis said:

“Asa lays in on the line every single WOD. He’s open to advice and uses it and I love when Asa shows up in my class. He regularly sets new PRs and crushes most workouts as RX often posting one of the top scores of the day. Plain and simple he gets the job done. goes to war with the workouts – there’s blood and more sweat than I thought possible. Don’t let his T.V. personality boyish good looks fool you. He has a relentless spirit. From a community aspect, he’s impossible not to love. Asa Asa is the man!

According to Coach James:

“Not only is Asa a great athlete, but he is humble as well. He treats everyone around him with respect, seeks out coaching, and actively cheers others in workouts. He has a great head on his shoulders and has come a long way with his CrossFit skills. From the very beginning he was determined to excel and it is awesome to see how far he has come.”

Coach Chris mentioned:

“I have been lucky lately to take some classes with Asa. He is definitely someone that seems to get better with every WOD. During workouts he’s quiet and then all of a sudden you realize he’s out repping you and you have to push harder. He is a great athlete to coach, he is always accepting advice or cues and he’s always striving to do better. Keep up the great work Asa and continue to get better every day!”

Coach Pat chimed in with:

“Asa is a pleasure to have in class – always focused and positive. Never gives up or goes half-assed. Very coachable and open to cues. Very supportive of other athletes and always has a smile on his face. Great engine.”

Coach Murph had this to say:

“Asa silently and relentlessly pushes himself every class he is in. He is consistently excellent and that is why he deserves the title of member of the month.”

Coach Shye said:

“Asa always brings a great attitude to class and is more than willing to push himself to the limit in each and every workout. He sets a great example for all the other athletes in class.”

Coach Kat’s 2 cents:

“I’ve only been lucky enough to have Asa in class a few times in the past but man, the guy is a fantastic athlete. To a coach, he is a prize athlete. He works hard, listens, takes cues, adjusts and executes. He is a great assist to each class. A great athlete, a great community member, and a perfect recipient of MOM.”

Coach Stacey Said:

“When Asa walks into the gym to hit class, it’s like the calm before the storm! He might look cool and relaxed, but once the class starts he goes beastmode! Always giving 110% on everything he does! He’s so fun to coach and is inspiring to watch! Congrats on MOM, you definitely earn it every day!”

Congrats again Asa!!

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