And the winner …

The winner of the 2015 90 Day Challenge will be announced on Monday!  


We wanted to take a moment to recognize our honorable mentions in the 90 Day Challenge:

Owen Smith – This guy put in the work and accepted every challenge presented to him.  Owen added 52 reps to his 90 Day Challenge Open WOD and hit the post 10k row twice! Great job Owen!

Renee Reid – Renee shed 19 seconds off of her Fran time and worked tirelessly on her weight lifting skills over the last 90 days.  She has been consistently hitting WOD’s and weight lifting class to continue to improve her skills.  Congratulations Renee!

Chris Deso – A hard working guy is the first thing that pops in our head when we talk about Chris.  Chris added an impressive 20 pounds to his back squat and continues to improve on his weight lifting skills.  Congratulations Chris on completing the 90 Day Challenge and making great gains.

Christina Kranz – Christina has been quietly working hard and constantly improving.  She dialed in her nutrition and took the time to talk with the coaches about her training.  Her efforts have not gone unnoticed!  Christina has added 15 pounds to her back squat and 10lb to her Fran weight at the conclusion of the challenge.  Great job Christina!


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