Join Albany CrossFit’s Softball Team

Learning and playing new sports is an important part of CrossFit and your Health & Fitness! Luckily we have you covered with an opportunity to play softball on our very own team!

The ACF Softball team has been swinging for the fences since 2012! It does a wonderful job of bringing CrossFitters and their friends & family together to play some ball. Never played Softball before? No problem! We will teach you how to play and find you a place on the team that will suit you best. Our team is part of Lynn’s Softball League and games are played on Monday through Friday after 6:00pm.

Only one game is played per week, but a second occasionally scheduled.

Each season begins in the spring at the end of April, but practices start as early as March!

Cost: $50 / person to play in the league.

Contact Pete Bensen (p: 518-269-1293 or e: [email protected]) for more information or to join!

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