Albany CrossFit Enhancements

Albany CrossFit Members,

The Coaching Staff constantly strives to enhance the experience of every athlete within our community. We have been listening to your feedback over the last few months and with great consideration have decided to institute the following changes:

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  • Cap Classes
  • Decrease Membership Rates
  • Renovate the Facility



The class cap will be in effect Starting Saturday, November 1st.

The class cap will be placed at 18 athletes per class. Most of the classes throughout the day will not be affected by this change. We realize that this may inconvenience some members that come to our busier 5, 6 and 7pm classes. This change will require an adjustment for all of us but will result in a much better experience at Albany CrossFit. A smaller class will be a safer class and allow you to receive more attention from the coaching staff.
With this change it will be more important than ever for you to register prior to coming into the gym, signing in at the front desk before coming into the WOD room and to be present at the WOD briefing. If you do not follow this procedure you will risk losing your spot in class. Classes will have priority in the triple wide and as such only athletes registered to class will have access to it during class times. Some athletes may need to adjust their workout schedules to fit this policy.

With the purchase of Albany CrossFit our members enjoy the use of the entire Court Club facilities and classes. We have decided to enhance your value even further and are reducing our rates! Our new rate structure is as follows:

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  • $179 – On Ramp ($20 Savings)
  • $269 – On Ramp Special (On Ramp + First Month Unlimited)
  • $159 – Monthly Unlimited ($21 Savings)
  • $420 – 3 Months Unlimited ($70 Savings)
  • $1,440 – Yearly Unlimited ($360 Savings)
  • $99 – Limited 2 times per week (Access to all Court Club Classes as well)



* 10% discount for family, teachers, students and nurses

* 20% discount for fire, police and active duty military

These rate changes will go into effect December 1st for any current members.

Your first membership payment after this date will be at the new rate

We will be making many improvements to our facility over the next few months to help refresh and renovate the gym. We have started purchasing lots of new equipment and plan on purchasing more. We strive to provide the best possible environment for you to train in and we want to keep you up to date on the renovations schedule. Some changes you will see are as follows:

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  • Renovation of the Triple & Double
  • Remodeling the Upstairs Entrance
  • Remodeling the Downstairs Exit



There are a few more surprises we hope that all of you will be excited for which will be announced at a later date. Please, be patient while the renovations are happening. We may need to adjust our schedule to fit the construction. I know that some of you may be concerned by some of these changes but we truly believe they are necessary to keep help Albany CrossFit flourishing. If you have any thoughts you would like to share please contact [email protected].


The Coaching Staff

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