ACF Open Final Results

ACF Open: The FINAL RESULTS are in for the 3rd annual ACF OPEN!

Across the competition each athlete earned points. A first place finish in an event earned you 1 point and a tenth place finish earned you 10 points. The winners of each division were those who accumulated the lowest number of points across the competition.

When it was all said and done, there were a couple ties for third place. To determine a winner, we looked at which athlete had the most first place finishes throughout the competition. The athlete who has the most first place finishes in the instance of a tie wins. For example, athlete A and athlete B finish the competition with 15 points. If athlete A finished in 1st place for the “Fran” event and athlete B didn’t finish 1st in any event then the tiebreak goes in favor of athlete A – they win.

The men’s scaled 2 division had two first place finishers each scoring 9 points. Together they defied the parameters of the tiebreak system each placing 1st on two events, 2nd on two events, and 3rd on one event – even across the board!

The Division Winners:

Ladies Scale 2:

  • 1st Place: Laura G. 5 pts
  • 2nd Place: Stacey F. 10 pts
  • 3rd Place: Stacie F. 22 pts

Ladies Scale 1:

  • 1st Place: Victoria I. 11 pts
  • 2nd Place: Heather C. 13 pts
  • 3rd Place: Regina L. 15 pts

Ladies RX:

  • 1st Place: Amanda S. 6 pts
  • 2nd Place: Stacey L. 11 pts
  • 3rd Place: Rachel B. 13 pts

Mens Scale 2:

  • 1st Place: Todd M. 9 pts
  • 1st Place: Ravi K 9 pts
  • 2nd Place: Murph 12 pts
  • 3rd Place: Ray K. 20 pts

Mens Scale 1:

  • 1st Place: Matt F. 13 pts
  • 2nd Place: Chris G. 17 pts
  • 3rd Place: Josh H. 20 pts

Mens RX:

  • 1st Place: Matt C. 20 pts
  • 2nd Place: Lukas C. 21 pts
  • 3rd Place: Jon D. 25 pts

Congratulations to all of our winners, and a huge thank you to all who competed this year!! Now, let’s continue to (be)tter during the CrossFit Open!