A Warm Welcome to Boot Camp Class 12-09!!

Kevin welcomes in the newest group of dedicated CrossFit athletes to the community: albany fitness

This week marks a special occasion, our very first Boot Camp Graduation happened last Thursday and we have 13 great athletes joining the family!! For those of you wondering what bootcamp is, we now require new members to complete a 4 week, 12 session course to ensure only the dedicated get through to join all of you in the pursuit of elite fitness. When you see a new face, please introduce yourself and help them along any way you can. Remember how scary your first weeks in class were! 

Let me start our introductions with Carol, Carolyn and Caroline. These three blondes were all a ton of fun to have in class. Carol and Carolyn are a mother/daughter duo, and Caroline is a great runner who embraces our "Be better than Yesterday" motto.

Jordan, Jason, Shawn, and Thor are all guys who came in with recent athletic backgrounds and specific goals. Each of these young men both shined at times and were humbled at other times throughout the month. Thor specifically was out squated overhead style by Erika!

I would like to give a special shout out to Court, she recently fought Breast Cancer and won! Now she is coming in to kick ass and take names. This woman is an inspiration to all! We are also lucky to have new mom and great mover Tania in class now.albany gym

Alesha, Amanda and Corey are all strong women who can definitely roll with the punches and dish it out! These 3 all saw fantastic gains in class and have a great outlook on what is possible in the future.

All of these athletes are future rockstars. They all came in every day and poured it out for me and the assistant coaches. They will be fantastic additions not only to our gym, but to our community…Welcome!