A note on scaling, being scared…and being awesome! –Coach Kat

Coming in with a game plan or knowing what scaling options you want to use is ideal.  It gives you peace of mind when walking into a WOD that you know you need to scale.  It is preferred that you have an idea of what you want to scale, run that thought by a coach, and kick ass in the WOD.

Have no idea how to scale a movement, or a whole WOD?  Here comes the anxiety, the nerves, the 'I think I will just skip today" thoughts.  NO! Not ok!  Remember the coaches are there to help you!  Utilize them, ask them questions, have them help you set up a scaling option for the WOD when you are confused or concerned.  Don't ever skip a WOD because you 'can't do the movements, the weights, that many reps.'  The beauty of CrossFit is that you can scale every movement and hit every WOD to your ability! Now, get your butt in that triple and kick ass!

I have added some movements and scaling options to think about.  There a many more too!  These are just some options.  Please feel free to seek out any coach at any time with questions or ideas on scaling movements.  We are here for you!

Remember we all started CrossFit not knowing, needing to scale, and nervous.  CrossFit will always challenge you.  Walk through the door with a positive attitude and we as coaches and a community will be there to help and support you through every WOD!

some scaling options to think about –

pull up –
     *banded pull ups
     *ring row
     *jumping pull up
muscle up –
     *pull up/ring dip
     *ring row/push up
hand stand push up –
     *on a box
     *hold inverted position
     *regular push up
box jump –
     *step up, step down
double unders –
     *single unders
     *jump onto a plate
     *just jump
ring dip –
     *ring dip negatives
     *banded ring dip
     *push up on the rings
     *push ups
push ups –
     *on a box or balistic block


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