A Few Steps to Success

Jenny outlines a plan to reach your goals: clifton park fitness

Define your objective & the criteria you need to meet it. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what it is you’re after and you have yet to define how you’re
going to get it, what are you actually on your way of achieving? Not much. You need to outline measurable parameters to be able to assess your progress. In addition to this, you need to understand the purpose and value of your goal. Once you acknowledge to yourself why it is important, you’ll be more driven to achieve it. By making it personal, you make it yours.

Envision yourself being successful. Create a vision board of what it is you want, look at it and see those things as yours. The more vividly and accurately you envision what it is you want, the more fuel you give yourself to follow through. Your belief of it coming to fruition is like a dress rehearsal for the success you envision.

Work hard. The effort you put into something, has a direct relationship with the results you’ll get. So don’t try cutting corners. You’ll only cheat yourself. Success doesn’t come from short-stepping. Success comes from hard work. So if you want something, give 100% of yourself to getting it.

Be persistent & stay focused. And don’t allow anybody or anything around you distract you from getting what you want. Keep pushing forward and never quit. Even if you fall off the wagon, get back on. Don’t stand around waiting for another opportunity to fall in your lap. Commit yourself to getting what you want and go for it. You’ll be happier you did.

Don’t be afraid of failure. A primary reason many people do not achieve success is because of their fear of failure. Rather than take risks that may prove profitable, they instead continue along the same beaten path. What you need to remember is this: any worthwhile endeavor will always have inherent risk. So think big and act big. Challenge yourself and challenge your comfort zone. If you do this, you’re more likely to achieve something extraordinary for yourself.

Know that you are the only person who will stop yourself from getting what you want. The actions and decisions you make are yours and yours alone. Be consistent in your pursuit and success will follow.

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