90 Day Challenge: The Winner!

Dave Wilkinson has been an athlete at CrossFit Clifton Park since December 2012, and joined in on the 90 Day Challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to keep focused and test his commitment and desire to make change. He has emerged after the 90 Days as a new person! clifton park fitnessalbany fitness

He lost over 30 pounds, while dropping 8.5" of his waist. He has regularly joked with the coaches saying "I hate you guys because I have to buy all new clothes!" Shedding 13% body fat will do that. As for his performance metrics, he knocked over 2 minutes of his "Fran" time, added 35lbs to his 1RM Snatch and 30lbs to his 1RM Back Squat! Conditioning has gone through the roof, cutting almost 3 minutes off his 10k row time with one of the top scores in the gym at 37:30, and he added 30 reps of burpees to his previous best total in 7 minutes. If you ever need proof that CrossFit and a healthy diet works, look no further than his before and after pictures. He has transformed his body and we couldn't be happier for him!


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