90 Day Challenge – 2nd Place

Jim Cleary!!

                  Jim has been a member at Albany CrossFit for quite some time now and this year decided to throw his hat in the ring for the 90 Day Challenge. It’s a great thing he did too because the results he achieved are truly impressive. Over the past few Months, Jim has been working hard and some of his accomplishments are:

  • Losing 25lbs of bodyweight and a combined total of 13 inches from his Neck, Waist and Hips.
  • Increasing his Strength by adding 40lbs to his Back Squat (235 up to 275) and adding 35lbs to his Snatch (125 up to 160).
  • Improving his Stamina and Endurance by improving his 1 minute Max Double Unders (31 up to 71), his 10k Row Time from 42:45 down to 38:16.

Amazing Job Jim! You are a role model in our gym that everyone should strive to be like.