5th Annual Fall Face Off Announcement!


Update 1: Divisions, Standards & WOD Three Teaser.

Fall Face Off is approaching and in the coming weeks we will release more information about this event to keep you informed.

Judging Standards:

Fall Face Off we will be following CrossFit Games standards for all movements unless otherwise specified. Our Head Judge Desire Treski is one of the most experienced judges in the Northeast with four years of experience officiating at regionals.


RX Division: The RX division is designed for athletes with a strong foundation in CrossFit workouts and to test them across all of the domains of fitness. RX teams should expect to see movements such as Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Pistols, Rope Climbs, Snatches @185/115, Clean and Jerk @ 225/155, Double Unders and be able to hit WODs RX. Not all team members are required to hit these standards.

Scaled Division: The Scaled division is designed to give athletes a taste for competition and allow them to challenge themselves in a fun way. Scaled teams should expect to see scaled versions of the above movements. Examples would be Ring Rows instead of Pull Ups or Push Ups instead of Handstand Push Ups.

This event is straight from the mind of Coach Chris Anderson and the CrossFit Games. Expect this endurance event to tax your patience and teamwork.

Event 3: “Burden Run”

For Time:

1000ft Run (500ft Scaled)

80 Alternating Lunges

1000ft Run (500ft Scaled)

60 Ground To Over Head

1000ft Run (500ft Scaled)

40 Squats

1000ft Run (500ft Scaled)

20 Burpees

1000ft Run (500ft Scaled)


*250ft down 250ft back

*Weights RX 45/25  Scaled 35/15

In this event teams will complete all of the movements as a group in unison. All teammates will carry a plate for the run, lunges and squats. Athletes will move the plate from the ground to overhead and perform burpees to the plate. The plate may be carried in any manner.

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