2016 Liberty Games Meet Results

TEAMFLEXFrom Coach James:

I love coaching, I love weightlifting, I love my gym, and I love the amazing group of people I have the privilege to coach every single day! #TEAMACF obliterated comfort zones, set some big personal records, and perfectly personified community, teamwork, and what Albany CrossFit is all about. I’m very proud of all of you guys & gals and can’t wait to see you continue to train and lift at the next meet! Elmira here we come! Buffalo here we come! Weightlifting here we come!


Kari Ann (63kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 50lbs/23kg. Clean & Jerk: 75lbs/34kg. Total: 125lbs/57kg. 6 of 6 lifts completed.

Christina Kranz (63kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 72lbs/33kg. Clean & Jerk: 130lbs/59kg. Total: 202lbs/92kg. 4 of 6 lifts completed.

Jackie Sillery (63kg Class): Snatch: 105lbs/48kg – MEET PR! Clean & Jerk: 150lbs/68kg – LIFETIME PR! Total: 255lbs/116kg – MEET PR! 6 of 6 lifts completed.

Traci Meier (Master’s 69kg Class): Snatch: 103.4lbs/47kg – MEET PR! Clean & Jerk: 132lbs/60kg. Total: 235.4lbs/107kg – MEET PR! 4 of 6 lifts completed. She also won the best overall MASTER’s lifter award!!!

Jenna Primiano (69kg Class): Snatch: 145lbs/66kg – MEET PR! Clean & Jerk: 176lbs/80kg – MEET PR! Total: 321lbs/146kg – MEET PR!! 3 of 6 lifts completed.

Carol Ann Angelo (Master’s 75kg Class): Snatch: 68lbs/31kg – MEET PR! Clean & Jerk: 85lbs/39kg – MEET PR! Total: 153lbs/70kg – MEET PR! 4 of 6 lifts completed.

Danielle Rootes (75kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 79lbs/36kg – LIFETIME PR!! Clean & Jerk: 88lbs/40kg. Total: 167lbs/76kg. 5 of 6 lifts completed.

Kim Seevers (Master’s 75+kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 83.6lbs/38kg. Clean & Jerk: 112lbs/51kg. Total: 195.6lbs/89kg. 5 of 6 lifts completed. Silver Medal Ladies 75+kg Class

Shye Evan (Master’s 62kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 115lbs/52kg. Clean & Jerk: 138.6lbs/63kg. Total: 253.6lbs/115kg. 4 of 6 lifts completed. Gold Medal Men’s 62kg weight class.

Anthony Montano (69kg Class): Snatch: n/a. Clean & Jerk: 204.6lbs/93kg – LIFETIME PR!! Total: n/a. 2 of 6 lifts completed.

Dan Reisner (77kg Class): Snatch: 135lbs/62kg – MEET PR! Clean & Jerk: 187lbs/85kg – MEET & LIFETIME PR! Total: 322lbs/147kg – TOTAL PR. 3 of 6 lifts completed. Bronze Medal Men’s 77kg weight class. Dan also hit another lifetime Clean & Jerk PR at 200lbs for his third attempt – didn’t officially count for the meet due to a press out.

Christian Tiberia (85kg Class): Snatch: 231lbs/105kg. Clean & Jerk: 295lbs/134kg. Total:526lbs/239kg. 2 of 6 lifts completed.

Louis Vidal (85kg Class): Snatch: 165lbs/75kg. Clean & Jerk: 237lbs/108kg – MEET PR!! Total: 402lbs/183kg – TOTAL PR. 3 of 6 lifts completed.

Chris Deso (Master’s 94kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 136.4/62kg. Clean & Jerk: 176lbs/80kg. Total: 312.4lbs/142kg. 6 of 6 lifts completed.

Tim Lee (94kg Class): Snatch: 204.6/93kg. Clean & Jerk: 266lbs/121kg – MEET PR! Total: 470lbs/214kg. 3 of 6 lifts completed. Bronze Medal Men’s 94kg weight class.

Nik Delsignore (94kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 195lbs/88kg. Clean & Jerk: 266lbs/121kg. Total: 466lbs/209kg. 4 of 6 lifts completed. Also hit a PR Clean of 279lbs/127kg, but missed the Jerk.

Matt Creedon (Master’s 105kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 145lbs/66kg. Clean & Jerk: 211lbs/96kg – LIFETIME PR!! Total: 356lbs/162kg. 5 of 6 lifts completed.

Jason Murphy (Master’s 105+kg Class): First Meet. Snatch: 107lbs/49kg. Clean & Jerk: 165lbs/75kg. Total: 272lbs/124kg. 6 of 6 lifts completed.

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