2015 CrossFit Open

What is this Open stuff you guys are all talking about?

Here is the simple, yet useful information you want to know. The 2015 CrossFit Games Open is step one of three in making it to the 2015 CrossFit Games in California (what you see on ESPN).
The Open consists of 5 workouts, each announced every Thursday evening starting on February 26. At the completion of the 5 weeks, the Open will end and the top 17 athletes from each region around the United States and World will move on to the regionals. The regionals are a 3 day long competition held in May. The top 5 athletes from each regional competition will move on and secure a spot in the 2015 CrossFit Games in Carson, Ca. Now back to the open and why you should sign up… OPEN

The Open is like Christmas time in the CrossFit world. It gets everyone giddy. It gets everyone excited for the same thing. It gets everyone focused.
In the back of your head you are probably thinking ‘Well I know I am not going to regionals or the games so why does it matter if I sign up?’ Great question! Because it’s FUN! It is also a five week, five WOD competition that you can see where you rank in the gym, in the capital region, state, country, and world! Everyone in the world will be hitting the same exact WOD each week. These WOD’s will be judged by fellow athletes and coaches. Being judged during a WOD can be nerve raking, that’s understandable. But it is a great opportunity to work to a standard, and push harder.

Still skeptical? Well this year CrossFit headquarters has created a scaled version of the Open to really allow EVERY single athlete to compete! Don’t have pullup’s just yet? No problem! The scaled WOD’s in the open will have ‘lighter’ weight and not as complex movements. This will allow everyone to hit the WOD’s. We will be hitting the Open WOD’s each Friday in class. If you can’t make it to class on Friday, you have until Monday evening to complete the WOD and submit your score online.

Sign up for the Open today and get ready to have an amazing time in the next 5 weeks! We pride ourselves on community at Albany CrossFit and the Open bleeds community support and comradery. Get ready to support, cheer, judge, and try your best in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open!

http://Games.CrossFit.com/ – and be sure to choose Albany CrossFit as your affiliate and team!

– Coach Kat

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