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Albany CrossFit – Albany CrossFit: WOD – (Be)tter

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35 Minute Time Cap.

Deck Of Cards 3.0 (Time)

Complete as a class using a 52 card deck.

Score is the time the entire class finishes.

Which class time will reign supreme?!

Suit Determines the Exercise:

Hearts = Handstand Push Ups

Diamonds = V Ups

Spades: Alternating Pistols*

Clubs = Burpees

*Cards drawing pistols indicate reps PER LEG. Example: a 5 card is 5 pistols per leg.

Face Cards & Aces = 10 Repetitions of Suit Exercise

Joker = Coach does 10 Burpees!

[Scale 1]:

Handstand Push Ups (1-2 AB Mats)

Tuck Ups

Scaled Alternating Pistols

[Scale 2]:

Hand Release Push Ups

AB Mat Sit Ups

Alternating Lunges

Squat Thrust

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