September 2017 – Terry Dobson

We are thrilled to announce that Terry Dobson is our September 2017 Member of the Month! Terry is such a positive, determined woman. She is always challenging herself in the gym, and all her hard work over the past year has paid off! She’s gives of her time during events at the gym, always cheers on her peers, and is a valued member of our community! Here’s what our coaches had to say:

Coach James said: “Terry is the best! She comes to class ready to work hard, consistently pushes herself in workouts, and has an immensely positive attitude as well. It’s so much fun to coach her in workouts and I love how she spends time working on skills and mobility after class is done. Another great quality about Terry is that she comes in on the days that contain movements she is not comfortable with yet. I know she has a fear of Overhead Squats and that they are “her nemesis,” but when they pop up in the programming you can guarantee that she will be in class ready to (Be)tter. Congrats Terry!”

Coach Shye had this to say: “Terry has made dramatic improvements as a CrossFit athlete since she joined Albany CrossFit in May of 2016. She is always accepting of coaching advice when needed and is willing to put in the time make any corrections to her improve her technique, whether it’s barbell movements or gymnastics. It is very satisfying as a coach when you see an athlete put the time and effort to (be)tter!”

Coach Murph chimed in: “Terry does not often attend my classes. But, when she does, she always brightens my day. Terry does not shy away from movements she struggles with. She pushes to (be)tter and does it with a smile on her face. She is an example to everyone at Albany CrossFit!”

Coach Pat added: “Terry is a pleasure to have in class as a coach. She’s quiet and goes about the business of working hard and trying new things. Never says “I can’t” and will always try her best. She scales intelligently and understands when to dial things up or down.”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Terry is and has continued to improve in all areas of Crossfit. Her mobility has drastically improved and she has been the most open to coaching. Terry is a pleasure to have in class and I’m always excited to see where she has made gains. She is stronger than she knows and she’s proved that by conquering her first spartan super with storm battered terrain. Its not often Terry doesn’t PR in class. The effort she puts into her training has been noticed. Proud to see Terry receive M.O.M. you’re awesome, amazing, and a winner!”

Coach Kat added: “Terry is one of my favorite athletes to coach and to be around in the gym. She’s always positive, willing to learn and try new ideas, and is constantly improving. Her dedication to perfecting movements to be safe is admirable. She has improved so much and it can definitely be attributed to her ability to leave her ego at the door and break movements down to perfect them leading to bigger lifts and faster WOD times. I’m excited for Terry and can’t wait to celebrate her all month in class!”

Coach Stacey had this to say: “I always get super excited when I see Terry in the halls at ACF, because I know she’s getting ready to crush it! I just love Terry’s determination and enthusiasm! Ever since the first day I met Terry in OnRamp, I knew that she would achieve amazing things! I love hitting WODs with her, and even more than that, I love coaching her! She listens and loves being there to learn and improve her fitness! So proud of her for pushing herself and completing her first Spartan Race last month! She is kind, funny, and an important part of what makes the ACF community great! Congrats, Terry! You’ve earned this honor!”

Coach Chris said: “I love being in class with Terry, she is always so positive and I love how she continues to work on and achieve new skills all the time, like rope climbs. She ran her first Spartan Race with the ACF Spartans and did great!! We are very lucky to have Terry as part of the ACF community and I can’t wait to she what she’s going to accomplish next!!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 September Member of the Month, Terry!

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