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Cardio + Weight

A longer life, a stronger heart, better breathing, and more energy are just some of the benefits provided by our cardiovascular and weight training programs and equipment.

Whether supervised or unsupervised, we have everything you need to stay in peak condition, including a full Nautilus Circuit—one of the most highly tested and proven conditioning systems in the world. (New members receive three free training sessions when they join Albany CrossFit.)

We also have a full selection of free weights, and a variety of other weight-bearing machines to power up your workouts.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great activity for people of all ages, from children to seniors—and a great alternative for working out. It provides a full body workout from all the major muscle groups, such as chest and back, to smaller muscles such as forearms and even your hands.

You also get the added benefits of improved flexibility, balance and mental endurance that comes from using logic, spatial awareness and problem solving skills as you climb different routes.

The Albany CrossFit Staff will teach you the basics of climbing in a matter of minutes!


Have aches and pains that will not go away? Need to relieve a little stress? Well then you should get a massage from Mitch Kurtz, LMT! Mitch specializes in Sports, Swedish and Deep Tissue therapies.

Member Rate:

  • Half Hour: $30.00
  • Full Hour: $60.00


  • Half Hour: $40.00
  • Full Hour: $70.00

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