Open Announcements

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The 2014 CrossFit Open is the culmination of our Training.

We want to make you aware of our scheduling.

Your first chance to hit the Open WOW is every Thursday at 8:30pm immediately after the announcement.

The Open will be run in every class on Friday as well.  Prepare to partner up in order to judge and encourage one another.

It your responsiblity to get a judge and to video your performance if you have a shot at making the Top 60 in the Region.

When the double is not in use by any class it is always available to hit the WOW.

Sundays:  The triple is available 9am – 12pm and then again from 1:30pm to close.  KBs and WODs have been moved to the double to accomodate.

Mondays:  We will be offering the option of hitting the WOW again in class or a different WOD if you don't want to repeat it.  You will not be allowed to hit it on your own from 5pm to closing, so if you'd like to repeat it, plan on hitting class.

Weekend of March 15-16th: We will be closed from 8am – 6pm both days, no questions asked.  We will be open for class at 7am and also for opportunities to hit the WOW.  On both nights we will stay open 6-8pm to accomodate those that want to hit the WOW or just workout.

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