October 2017 – Josh Heller

We are thrilled to announce that Josh Heller is our October 2017 Member of the Month! Josh is determined and motivated, and he is a valued member of our community! Whether he’s hitting class or racing up a mountain, Josh gives it his all! Here’s what our coaches had to say:

Coach James said: “Josh is a perfect example of what you can accomplish when you put in the hard work necessary to succeed. Recently he has gained the ability to string together multiple pull-ups and toes to bar, has set many new records on his barbell lifts, mustered the courage to perform 20 ft rope climbs in a grueling workout, and last but not least completed a 10k run in 59:58 (his first time sub 1 hour!). Speaking of hard work, his beard game is also on point! It’s always a pleasure to have Josh in class, especially when baby Declan is in tow. Congrats Josh! 3:30pm class represent!”

Coach Chris said: “I have been fortunate to have Josh (and Declan πŸ™‚ in many of my Saturday classes, and it has been awesome to watch Josh continually improve. Josh continues to creep up the leaderboard in Wodify, and he’s an athlete that I watch out of the corner of my eye and try to keep up with during WODs. It has been great running Spartan Races with Josh as well. Josh is a great athlete and I can’t wait to watch him get better every day. We are very lucky to have Josh at ACF!!!”

Coach Murph chimed in: “Amazing, strong, manly and glorious are all terms I would use to describe Josh’s beard. I’d have to include determined and funny to complete the description of Josh Heller. Josh has accomplished so much in his time here at ACF. I’m proud to see him become our newest member of the month!”

Coach Shye had this to say: “Josh is very deserving of being member of the month. He brings grit and determination to every single workout and it shows in the PRs he is setting on a consistent basis. He also completed the Spartan Race Trifecta this summer, an amazing accomplishment. He is a real joy to coach, especially when he brings his number 1 cheerleader, his adorable son Declan!”

Coach Pat added: “Josh works hard everyday, gives 100% to every WOD, pushes himself to get better at his sucks, tries new things, is open to all coaching and is fun to have in class. He knows when to dial things up and when to turn it down. An all-around great guy and member of the ACF community.”

Coach Stacey had this to say: “I don’t personally know Josh super well, but if I had to describe him using two words, it would be NO EXCUSES! Every time I see him at the gym, he’s working hard and pushing himself. He’s always got his sidekick, little Declan, by his side cheering him on! What a great example he is for his family, as well as the rest of the gym community. He sets goals, and he crushes them! I can’t wait to see what kinds of PRs he will hit during his reign in the month October! Congrats on being Member of the Month, Josh!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Josh, father, husband, and Albany Crossfit athlete of the month. Spartan trifecta capped in Killington; you’re a beast bro. Congrats. Keep at it. Awesome to see you receive this honor. Many more gains to come. Be well my friend.”

Coach Kat added: “Josh has flipped the switch from athlete to all out bad ass. He is a great example of how kicking it up a gear and putting in a little more work can really change ones abilities. He makes no excuses, brings Declan in and recently roped his wife in too! We are so lucky. Congrats Josh! You deserve it.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 October Member of the Month, Josh!

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