Monday 032320


Monday 032320

Albany CrossFit – Albany CrossFit: WOD – (Be)tter

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3 Sets of:

:30 Alternating Sampson Stretch

:30 Air Squats

:30 Push Up with Inchworm

:30 Jumping Jacks


Pull-Ups: Heavy Back Pack Rows, Water Jug Rows, DB/KB Rows (Split reps / side on bigger sets), Ring Row/Body Row off something sturdy…

Squat Cleans: Goblet Squats or Power Cleans + Squat with DB/KB/Water Jug/Back Pack.

Burpees: Regular with no jump, or step over object.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 Min. AMRAP:

3 Strict Pull-Ups

3 1-Arm DB Squat Cleans

3 Lateral Burpees Over DB

6 Strict Pull-Ups

6 1-Arm DB Squat Cleans

6 Lateral Burpees Over DB

*Continue adding 3 reps to each movements.

SCORE = Rounds + Reps

3 Pull-Ups, 3 Squat Cleans, 3 Burpees = 1 Round.

*Athlete’s choice on when to alternate hands on the single arm cleans.