We are excited to announce that Anne Marie Hume is our May 2018 Member of the Month! Anne Marie is such a fantastic example of strength and kindness in our gym community! She is always pushing herself in the gym, and usually surprising herself and all around her with what she’s capable of! Here are some of the things our coaching staff had to say about Anne Marie:

Coach James had this to say: ““Anne Marie was literally one of the first athletes I had the opportunity to coach at the gym when I first started interning back in 2011. She used to come to the 7:00 am class that we had and was always so full of positive energy early in the morning! Over the years she has had a tremendous amount of success obtaining skills such as pull-ups, RXing WODs she used to have to scale, and improving her squat (especially that pesky overhead squat!). Seeing Anne Marie grow within our walls, the kindness and support she shows for others in class, and her efforts to be a positive roll model to her kids Sarah, Nicole, and Tim is inspiring and we are so lucky to have her and her family as a part of our community. Congratulations Anne Marie! This is well deserved many times over!”

Coach Murph said: “Anne Marie is one of the fiercest people when she works out and one of the friendliest people at Albany CrossFit. She started CrossFit years ago and has been a member since the beginning. She believes in what we do here, the only member of her family she has not brought in to ACF is her husband (he’s a court club member). She dedicated herself to working on her weaknesses about a year and a half ago and is just getting better and better everyday. Her pull ups, toes to bar, lifts and conditioning keep increasing. She makes coming in and coaching everyday a treat and she’s got the best taste in music. Congratulations!”

Coach Shye added: “As a Masters athlete myself, I can appreciate the challenges that come with doing CrossFit and Anne Marie takes these challenges head on! Anne Marie puts forth a max effort in each WOD and has set a great example for all our athletes, including her 2 daughters Sarah and Nicole. Congratulations Anne Marie!!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Anne Marie is a sweetheart. As Murph said she’s exemplified community with her families commitment to ACF. Very rarely do I have the privilege to work with Anne Marie, but always pleasant and positive. Congrats Anne Marie!”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Anne Marie a fantastic role model to all at our gym. Most of the time I see her, she’s working hard along side her two daughters Nicole and Sarah. If Anne Marie is in the gym, you’ll know it! She is strong and sassy, and does not shy away from a challenge! When I see her I get excited because I know she brings such great energy in class! She is so sweet to everyone she comes in contact with. And, although I probably see her husband Tim more often (he takes my BodyPump class), when I do have the opportunity to coach her it is always amazing to see what she can do! She works hard on her skills and it shows! Anne Marie, I hope you know what a beast you are! Never doubt it! I look up to you, and I’m so excited to see you as Member of the Month!”

Coach Pat added: “Congratulations Anne Marie on a well deserved MOM. Hope to see you in class soon.”

Coach Kat said: “Congratulations to Anne Marie! I am not lucky enough to coach her in class but have been lucky enough to work out alongside her a few times. She is constantly working hard and always the first to cheer you on. Her dedication to being better has clearly transcended onto her children which is inspiring. Congratulations Anne Marie, you deserve it!”

Coach Chris mentioned: “Congratulations to Anne Marie!! Unfortunately, I don’t get much of an opportunity to coach Anne Marie, because she’s one of the Morning Crazies, but she is definitely an athlete I hear a lot about! When I have had Anne Marie in class she always does great and always has a great attitude! Great Job Anne Marie and keep up the great work!!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 May Member of the Month, Anne Marie!

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