We are thrilled to announce that Victoria Inzerillo is our July 2017 Member of the Month! Victoria has such a positive attitude and is always determined to be better in the gym! The coaching staff is very proud of all the progress she has made! She is surely a valued member of our community!

Coach Murph had this to say:

“Victoria comes to ACF early in the morning when most members are still fast asleep. She is committed to hitting the WOD no matter what it is, even if it has a movement that gives her trouble. Seeing athletes surprise themselves with what they can accomplish is one of the greatest things that can happen to a coach. When Victoria hits a new PR she quietly shares her accomplishment with me and I for one will not be surprised by anything that Victoria can accomplish in the future. Victoria’s dedication to her gymnastics skills has paid off and she is working on mastering pull ups. When Victoria hits a new PR I am proud that I get to share that moment with her. I am super excited that Victoria is our next Member of the Month!”

Coach James added:

“I couldn’t be happier for Victoria to be named Member of the Month! She is always a pleasure to have in class and frequently shows up ready to push herself regardless of the workout. It has been awesome to see Victoria progress over the last few years by achieving gymnastics skills such as handstand walks, pull-ups, and rope climbs. She has also come a long way in fine tuning her weightlifting skills which if my memory serves me correctly was something outside of her comfort zone when she first started. Victoria continuously challenges herself to be better and this past January came in third place in the ladies scaled division of the Albany CrossFit Winter OPEN. Congrats again Victoria! This is well deserved!”

Coach Shye chimed in:

“Victoria came to our facility about 3 years ago to have a birthday party for her daughters at our rock climbing wall. She noticed that we offered CrossFit, but was not ready to take that first step. With a bit of convincing she decided to give it a try several months later. She has been working out consistently ever since! Her enthusiasm and desire to improve has not wavered and now has her husband Rick doing CrossFit as well!”

Coach Pat said:

“The few times I’ve been able to work with Victoria have been very positive. She pushes herself hard every class that I have seen her in, and is very supportive of everyone else in class!”

Coach Louis mentioned:

“Victoria is so deserving of this honor. Congrats. She works to the max. I remember one of the Friday night fights ….when the women kicked the males butts. And she was racking up the reps for her squad so fast with emphasis on technique and standards. Victoria and her family are amazing community members and it’s so nice to see her finally get her shout out. Great job Victoria.”

Coach Chris said:

“Congrats Victoria and well deserved!! I love when Victoria is either in a class I take or I coach. She has such a great attitude and she is really humble about what a great athlete she is. She is very encouraging and helps with motivation for all athletes during the WOD. Victoria is a great member of the ACF community and she continues to get better everyday!! Nice job Victoria!”

Coach Stacey said:

“Victoria has a great work ethic, and is very deserving of member of the month! I remember judging her during the CrossFit Open this year and thinking that she was so strong and determined! Victoria sets a great example for her family, as well as other members in the community. Congrats, Victoria!”

Coach Kat added:

“I unfortunately don’t get to coach Victoria, but know she is an amazing athlete and community member. When the coaching staff talked about the next member of the month she was a sure bet. Her positive attitude and willingness to help and participate in our community events do not go unnoticed. Great accomplishment Victoria. Congratulations!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 July Member of the Month, Victoria!

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