January 2017 – Max Sutfin


We’re super excited to announce that MAX SUTFIN is our first Member of the Month of 2017!!! Max walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to exemplifying our gym’s values and goals. She recently crushed the Holiday Rowing challenge completing 100,000m in just a few days and then going on to complete 350,000m by the challenges end on 12/24! Max is always present at our gym events whether it be participating, offering her time to volunteer, and of course enthusiastically cheering on other athletes. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress Max has made in her time at Albany CrossFit and the Coaching Staff can’t wait to see what she does next.

Coach Jim has this to say about Max:

“Max is definitely becoming a fire breather and is kicking arse every time she shows up to the gym. From going all out on the rowing challenge to working towards overcoming her weaknesses to giving it all and then some in WODs, Max is a valuable addition to our community. She is a please to have in class, to work out next to, and just be around.”

Coach Pat chimed in with:

“Max is positive, works hard, cheers others on. She doesn’t hesitate to take extra time to work on skills before or after class. She approaches everything with an attitude that she will try her best and give her all. Great example of the community we try to promote at ACF.”

Coach Chris said:

“I see that Max has definitely gained a lot of confidence in herself and her abilities. It’s so awesome to see – we are lucky to have her at ACF.”

Coach Stacey Mentioned:

“Max is dedicated and that in itself is inspiring for others in the gym. She’s a team player and is always supportive of others. She’s kind and has a great positive attitude!”

Coach Louis had this to say about Max:

“DETERMINED AND AUTHENTIC!!! …. I admire her persistence.”

Coach Murph said:

“I admire how Max spends extra time working on her gymnastics and lifts to improve her skills and strength. She is an example of what you can accomplish if you devote time and effort into CrossFit. But, more than that she is a friend.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 January Member of the Month Max!!!

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