Health & Weight Loss

Joining Albany CrossFit is a fantastic first step toward building a healthy lifestyle. In our classes members frequently learn new skills, improve their strength and conditioning, and of course sweat quite a bit! Coming to class and exercising is fun and certainly an important part of everyone’s day, but it is only 1-hour. Our goal is to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed in the gym and during the other 23-hours of the day.

That is why the conversation on nutrition starts in our On-Ramp program where the Coaching Staff can learn about your goals and provide helpful strategies to achieve them. From there we offer 1-on-1 Goal Setting & Nutrition consultations to develop specific plans for individuals. By working together, we can ensure that everyone in our community achieves their goals and builds a sustainable lifestyle.

From Tabitha Beasley:

“Over the years I’ve tried countless approaches to lose weight and become healthier. I was never successful. That is until I started at Albany CrossFit. I had heard about CrossFit through a social media nutrition page that I followed. When I expressed an interest in trying CrossFit, a friend recommended I check out Albany CrossFit the following Saturday for their weekly “Bring a friend day.” That very first day I had a feeling that ACF was the right fit for me. I joined the gym in September 2016 as an out of shape 29-year-old mom of 3. Upon completion of my on-ramp, Coach James and I sat down to chat about nutrition, as this is a crucial piece to the health and fitness puzzle! He set up my macros, and continuously supported me, even after I moved away. ACF (coaches and the community alike) started me on the right path towards better health, and have been behind me the whole way!”

Our Coaching Staff is knowledgeable and committed to helping athletes build a healthy lifestyle. In fact, our very own Coach James co-wrote a book on the subject called Own Your Eating: The Definitive Guide to Flexible Eating. The text provides a method for managing daily eating and insight on how to build a healthy relationship with food. You can find copies on Amazon,, or get them from Coach James directly at the gym.

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