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At first glance CrossFit can definitely be intimidating and we totally get it. You walk into the gym and there are new faces, the music is blaring, and barbells are crashing to the floor. What may not be obvious right away is that the people that you see in class are just like you. They are doctors and nurses, businessmen and women, moms and dads, students, and everyone in between. While all of our members come from different backgrounds and professions, they all share one thing in common: they just want to get fit, live a healthy lifestyle, and get a little better each day. In fact, at any given time many of the athletes you see in class are only a week or two removed from our On-Ramp program. Many athletes are just as new to CrossFit as you are and everyone in the room share similar goals, so right away you already fit right into our community. So, instead of possibly being afraid by the badasses you see working out in class, we hope that you will look forward to joining them.

It is our belief that health and fitness is for anyone and everyone regardless of age or current activity level. Over the years our Coaching Staff has worked with countless youth and senior athletes ranging from 4-years all the way up to 100-years old!

Fitness is not just for adults, but for kids too! We believe that to ensure individuals lead long, happy, and healthy lives they need to be educated on and practice exercising from an early age. That is why every Saturday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am we offer a Kids only class. The class is for kids ages 5 to 12 years old (Grades K through 6th).

Kids class provides a fun social environment where kids can have fun and make new friends while learning to exercise. The program focuses on functional and safe movement, gymnastics skills practice, and aerobic conditioning. The class is led by Coach Chris Deso. Coach Chris is a certified CrossFit Kids instructor in addition to being 5th grade teach at Charlton Heights Elementary School in Burnt Hills for 14 years.

From Tim G. (A parent’s perspective): “Nothing enriches a child’s life more than hard work and setting goals. These two qualities are exactly what has been brought out in my 2 children in their CrossFit for Kids class. In CrossFit, the athlete is always looking to “PR” (set a personal record). My kids have learned at CrossFit that to get better, “PR”, you need to work hard. They learn the value of hard work while having fun. I see the improvement of my kid’s strength, coordination and self-confidence, while they just see it as having fun. These are qualities that will help them for the rest of their lives.”

A few words from some of our senior athlete’s Shye Evan and Dona Wildove.

From Shye Evan:

“I have worked out and played sports for most of my life. I started doing CrossFit workouts at the age of 44 and am unequivocally in the best shape of my life! CrossFit introduced me to a variety of movements that I had not been exposed to, from Olympic lifting to rope climbing, double unders and more. I can do these movements proficiently, at a high level of intensity, and with the proper range of motion that I never thought was possible!”

From Dona Wildove:

“I do CrossFit because it keeps me moving, up and down and all around! As you know, much has been written about older people becoming more sedentary and less active. That’s not me!! Moving increases my energy and also as I age, my preference is being with a mixed age group. The conversation is very different when talking to peers vs. younger adults. I lose interest quickly when hearing about the aches, pains and various afflictions that effect an older population. Although CrossFit can be a very challenging workout, it can easily be scaled to fit the needs and physical ability of all age groups.”

Adaptive Athlete Training

Everyone in the world has a right to exercise, life a healthy lifestyle, and reach their goals if they work hard enough and it’s our pleasure to help make that a reality. That is why our Coaching Staff is trained to work with individuals who are rehabbing injuries or have learning or physical disabilities. Everyone who comes to our gym is equal and can modify workouts under the guidance of our Coaching Staff so that CrossFit is the best hour of their day.

From TJ Sherwin:

“I joined CrossFit to be part of a community where people work out together as I was not involved in any other sports. I wanted some high, intensive training and I got tired of doing the same boring thing at a standard gym every day.

I need to ride my bike to CrossFit every day as I am unable to drive. I am deaf and legally blind, but I do not let this stop me. Out in the community I have to face obstacles every day, where my hearing and vision are being tested. CrossFit allows me to equal the playing field where my deafness and vision are not a problem. While there I am not defined by my deafness or low vision, but by my strength, determination, and endurance.

 I wanted to be independent, I wanted to get out there, and I wanted a place where I could fit in. CrossFit has given me all of these things. I have never let my limitations defeat me. Instead I see them as a challenge to overcome. CrossFit is not about beating the other person. It’s about you, improving yourself and about being a part of a great community!”

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