February 2018 – Guarav Upadhyay

We are excited to announce that Gaurav Upadhyay is our February 2018 Member of the Month! Gaurav is an ACF rockstar, having hit the gym 256 days last year!! He is determined and motivated, and when you watch him in the gym it’s a sight to see! Here’s some of the amazing things our coaching staff had to say about Gaurav:

Coach James had this to say: “Gaurav is absolutely awesome to have in class! He is one of the most polite and humble athletes we have in the gym and never gives less than his very best. Gaurav’s tenacious drive to improve his fitness is inspiring and best represented by actions in that he had one of the best attendance records last year, coming in to workout 256 days throughout 2017 – that’s impressive on its own, but Gaurav also accomplished this by waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the 5:30am class. That consistency last year helped Gaurav achieve 41 new personal records one of which was a 315 lbs. 1rm Back Squat at the December Friday Night Fights. I’m never surprised by the amazing feats Gaurav accomplishes because of how hard he works and I cannot wait to see what he does next. Congrats Gaurav!”

Coach Murph added: “The people that step through the doors of Albany CrossFit at 5:30am are especially dedicated to making themselves better. Gaurav is a perfect example of that attitude. He is an amazing athlete and he pushes himself to improve every morning. Gaurav is great to have in class. He cheers on his fellow class members, helps others and is a genuine fan! He loves competing and watching others compete. I can not think of anyone else that deserves this honor as much as Gaurav. Congratulations my friend!”

Coach Shye said: “Gaurav is one of the most dedicated athletes at Albany CrossFit. He hits every WOD hard and constantly works on improving technique or improving his times in the WODs (he even practiced Memorial Day Murph!). Congrats Gaurav on being Member of the Month. Well deserved!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Gaurav is a BEAST! There isn’t a workout he’s ever half- assed. One of our most committed members to his fitness goals and continuous improvement. Very supportive of the ACF community. Gaurav and Juan, half of the sand creek silverbacks, represented ACF at fight like a girl breast cancer awareness fundraiser at Spur. Gaurav pushes me to (be)tter and dare not to rest too much in classes. A gentleman always and enjoying himself. Oh by the way, Gaurav can do push ups for days! Great job Gaurav; keep grinding.”

Coach Chris said: “It’s awesome that Gaurav is the MOM!! He’s always working to improve and does a great job in all WODs. I love that Gaurav pushed himself to go RX for the ACF open and he did a great job, Gaurav is a way better athlete than he thinks he is. Gaurav always has a great attitude and adds a lot to the ACF community. Keep getting better every day and congrats!!!!”

Coach Pat added: “Gaurav is a great athlete and tremendous member of the ACF community. He hits every workout hard and does extra work on the side to improve his game. Great having in class seeing around the box – always positive.”

Coach Kat chimed in: “Congrats Gaurav! A well deserved member of the month recognition. Gaurav has been putting in the work, pushing himself and challenging his comfort zone. He can be seen working on his sucks, accepting the challenge of the ACF Open RX, and cheering on fellow athletes. He’s a fantastic athlete! We are lucky to have Gaurav in our community and I’m excited to call him our Member of the Month!”

Coach Stacey mentioned: “Way to go Gaurav! I don’t get to coach Gaurav much, since he usually hits class in the mornings, but I am always hearing about what a beast he is!! I have witnessed his drive and determination, and the work he puts in everyday has definitely paid off! I give you props for getting to the gym so early, haha! You killed it in the ACF Open, and I’m sure you’ll rock the real CrossFit Open as well! You are a valued member of our community, and I can’t wait to see what awesome things you do next! Congrats!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 February Member of the Month, Gaurav!