We are excited to announce that Nate Clark is the December 2018 Member of the Month! Nate is a friend to all and a valued member of our community! He is a great example of what it means to be a Member of the Month! Here are some of the awesome things our coaching staff had to say about Nate:

Coach James had this to say: “It’s always fun to have Nate in class. He has a great attitude and works his butt off and I couldn’t be more impressed with the progress he has made since joining the gym. Just this year he crushed classic WODs Fran and Jackie RX, shaved 40+ seconds off of his 2k row, and set numerous barbell PRs. One of my favorite Nate moments was when he climbed the rope for the first time. He wasn’t sure if he could do it, but hopped up on the rope anyway and with little effort climbed to 10′. He then proceeded to do rope climbs in that days workout–it was badass! Keep working hard Nate (and stretch those hammies), I’m so glad you’re Member of the Month!”

Coach Murph said: “Nate is one of my favorite people to have in class. He is always pushing himself and looking to work on what he needs to most. It’s rare to find people that deliberately come in on days that they know are going to be a struggle for them.
Nate is also a super nice guy. He is also always willing to help out. Even when competing he is willing to pitch in and move gear. He works on his weaknesses with wisdom. He understands that to be truly be great at something, it takes time and practice. I expect a lot of PRs in Nate’s future! Congratulations!”

Coach Shye added: “Nate has one of the best attitudes of any athlete at Albany CrossFit. He is extremely receptive to our coaches’ instruction and tips for improving his movements. As a result he has made tremendous progress as an athlete and even competed in the Rx division in our most recent Friday Nights Fights event. Congratulations Nate!”

Coach Stacey said: “Way to go, Nate! Nate is focused and determined to be better every time he’s at the gym! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him complain, he just smiles (or laughs at himself lol), and gets the work done! He is so fun to have in class and is very receptive to coaching. He has had some great progress over the past year, especially with his skill work like pull-ups, rope climbs and handstands! He is an active member of our gym community and always willing to work with new people on bring a friend days! He is funny and kind, and a great Member of the Month finale for 2018! Congrats again, and keep up the great work Nate!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “The thing I love about Nate is watching him do the hard work with a smile and no complaints. He doesn’t want to skip the necessary progressive steps to achieve skilled movement. He’s a great classmate, student, and overall guy. Always great to see a member such as Nate praised. The man goes hard everyday and laughs afterwards as he’s high-fiving! Congrats Nate dog!”

Coach Pat chimed in: “Nate was a great addition to the ACF community. He has a great attitude and work ethic. He comes in every class ready to attack the WOD and spends time trying to improve his sucks. Super positive and supportive of the other athletes in class. A pleasure to coach and WOD with. Well deserved!”

Coach Chris added: “Congratulations Nate on being the MOM!! You deserve it! Nate is awesome to have in class, he is very coachable and always has a great attitude. It’s been great to watch him continually get better. He’s a hard worker and willing to put in the time. Congratulations Nate, well deserved!!

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 December Member of the Month, Nate!

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