December 2017 – Miguel Porter

We are pumped to announce that Miguel Porter is our December 2017 Member of the Month! Miguel has a great work ethic and continues to stay motivated and hit PRs in class! He participates in events and competitions, and is a valued member of our community! Here are some of the awesome things our coaches had to say about Miguel:

Coach James said: “Miguel closing out the year with a much deserved Member of the Month nomination! I love having Miguel in class. He’s got a great attitude, works hard, and is supportive of his fellow athletes. It’s been amazing watching his progress over the last year as he continually worked on mastering the basics and improved his strength. At Fall Face Off Miguel hit a double body weight back squat of 275 lbs. and a few weeks later set a new deadlift PR of 300 lbs. I can’t wait to see what he does next – congrats again Miguel!!”

Coach Pat said: “One of the nicest, most humble athletes at ACF. Great to coach, works hard, great smile, pushes himself and always willing to try something new.”

Coach Murph chimed in: “Miguel is determined to push himself in every WOD. And, on the special occasions I get to coach him, he is awesome! Congratulations on being our newest member of the month!”

Coach Shye had this to say: “I am very impressed with how much Miguel has achieved as an athlete in the short time he has been a member of Albany CrossFit. From consistently hitting PRs in his weightlifting to getting double unders and muscles ups, I cannot think of a more worthy candidate to be the member of the month! Well deserved Miguel!”

Coach Stacey had this to say: “I’m so excited to see Miguel as our MOM finale for 2017! Miguel is constantly surprising me and making me so proud as a coach! He will really listen and absorb what the coaches say, and this shows in his progress! Watching him hit PR after PR is incredible! He may seem quiet at first glance, but he’s got that youthful energy and fire inside of him, and it all shows when he’s throwing down at the gym! He doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and he continues to push himself, even outside of class by staying active! What a great example of what this community is all about! We are lucky to have you, Miguel! Congrats!”

Coach Kat added: “I don’t get to coach Miguel often, but weather coaching him or working out in class with him you can always feel a positive energy coming from his direction. He’s a hard-working athlete that continues to impress me and I know his willingness to learn and potential are only going to combine for more amazing things in the future.”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Hey Miguel, you ever try a muscle up? A shrug and look from Miguel like, what’s that? Here try it!… And sure enough, he does a strict ring muscle up! Perfect member to exemplify. Class act; humbled young man who challenges himself daily and constantly makes gainz. Maybe quiet but brings great energy and vibes to class. Very strong and by the size of his smile you knows he’s having fun in this game of CrossFit. I have the pleasure of working out with Miguel. He’s got potential for days! Great job Miguel.”

Coach Chris added: “Although I don’t see Miguel in many WODs, I hear about him all the time! I keep hearing how many skills he has acquired in a short time doing Crossfit and that he is definitely an up and coming athlete. I have seen Miguel inaction at Fall Face off and I do see what people mean. Keep up the good work Miguel!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 December Member of the Month, Miguel!

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