Athletic Performance

CrossFit training helps our athletes prepare for the known and unknowable of lift. Whether you’re helping a friend move a couch, need the energy to play with your kids or grandchildren, require stamina for a strenuous job, or are looking to perform at a high-level in sport: CrossFit is the answer. That is because each day our classes present new challenges in the form of workouts. We never repeat a workout two days in a row and that ensures that muscles are trained evenly, that we practice a variety of skills, and train our conditioning in progressively challenging ways. Every time you visit the gym our Coaching Staff will offer guidance and support on how you can continuously step outside of your comfort zone and accomplish things you never thought you could before. The confidence you build in the gym will make the rest of your day easier and transfer directly into every other aspect of your life.

Our program has helped many athletes excel in a variety of different sports and accomplish amazing lifetime goals that include 5k and Spartan races, Marathons, Iron Man events, and Weightlifting competitions to name a few.

From Louis Vidal:

“I was traveling home from my first Vegas trip and had a layover in Milwaukee airport. Aside me was a tall energetic fit guy and he radiated with positive vibes; meanwhile I’m hungover shaking from withdraws and bummed but yet was very interested in his story. Like most airport conversations start the typical where you going; where ya from and then I noticed his Ironman finisher tee shirt. I told him that’s impressive and I’d like to someday do one. Quickly he replied you can absolutely do it. Just train! It was that simple to him. It wasn’t you gotta be this amazing athlete; extremely good runner; a professional swimmer, or have done the tour de France. He didnt fill me up with you need to dedicate your life and soul to train but to just train. He didnt talk anymore about it or himself. He was going on about his amazing girlfriend and her son. I found it fascinating. I told myself in that moment I want to be an ironman before I’m 36! 2017 I volunteered as a body marker for lake placid 140.6. I had to be wake at 3 am so as the athletes check in their bikes and gear bags I could write their numbers on their arms and age on their leg. Ironman and ironwoman of all ages and shapes and sizes. They were so excited and thankful of the volunteers.  I watched until 9pm that night and seen so many swimmers, bikers, and runners. I was inspired. An 80 year old man gave me a red bracelet after I marked him. And he said if I can do it; you can do it. I signed up a week later for ironman 2018 lake placid 140.6. Albany crossfit was all I did for training plus alot of hiking prior to my decision of signing up for ironman. My belief in crossfit and what ACF has already done for my progression in health and fitness thus far gave me the confidence. Most runners will focus on running and the same for swimming and biking but I crossfit. Could I stick to majority interval training with  only 2 sessions of ironman training a week max. And I did. It kept me motivated walking.

Albany crossfit community helped me stay in shape and positive. You cant have any doubts over the length of a race that size. I just needed to believe and I’m convinced that crossfit embodies the most universal fitness neccessary to accomplishment goals from a wider spectrum than conventional exercise. Albany crossfit gave me the engine through everyday wods; community spartan races, and competing with members in house and other local events. I’m proud to be apart of Albany crossfit and what its helped me do so far. We as a community put crossfit to the test and its passed!”

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