And Miles To Go Before I Sleep Challenge


Our newest challenge will be to rack up as many miles as you can during the 31 days of August! It doesn’t matter if you run them or row, swim, bike or ski them – they all count.

Every person doing the challenge will have their own chart for the month and you will log each mile as you do them. All miles done in class for WODs count towards your total – If a workout calls for 4 rounds of 800 meters runs, that would be 2 more miles you can credit yourself for.

If you row 800 meters as a warm-up and then do 4 rounds of 200 meters in the workout – there’s another mile. If you run a 5K for a charity – there’s 3 more miles for you. If you bike 20 miles on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, you can count those as well. Swim them if you want or even climb them – but that would be a lot of ups & downs to get to a mile!

For every 5 miles, you will get a ticket (same as it was for the Rope Climb Challenge) for the end of Challenge Raffle Drawing. The more miles you log – the more tickets you get. Bonus tickets will also be awarded if you log your miles using more than one method (for example: no bonus if you run them all. Bonus ticket for running and rowing, another one of you get a bike in there as well).

The Grand Prize is a customize-able pair of Reebok Shoes – shipping included! We may have some secondary prizes to add by the time the month is over. Prize drawing will be done the first Tuesday in September.

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