2016 Fall Face Off WODs & Standards


Saturday October 1st from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Judging Standards: Fall Face Off will use CrossFit Open standards for all movements unless otherwise specified.

Divisions: Athletes may chose to be placed in the RX Or scaled Divisions.  All athletes will participate in 4 events. Some events may yield more than one score or offer additional points..

RX Division: The RX division is designed for athletes with a strong foundation in CrossFit and to test them across all of the domains of fitness. RX teams should expect to see movements such as Muscle Ups, Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Dips, and Snatches @115/85. RX Athletes hit most WODs RX and push themselves. Not all team members are required to hit these standards.

Scaled Division: The Scaled division is designed to give athletes a taste for competition and allow them to challenge themselves in a fun way. Scaled teams should expect to see scaled versions of the above movements. Examples would be Ring Rows instead of Pull Ups or Push Ups instead of Dips.

Event # 1

“Assault Push”
25/20 Calories on the Assault Bike Each
20/10 Muscle Ups
40/30 Ring Dips
60/50 Matador Dips

* Male / Female

Scaled: 20 Calories 40 Ring Push Ups / 80 Hand Release Push Ups

“Assault Hang”
25/20 Calories on the Assault Bike Each
20/10 Knees to Elbow
40/30 Toes to Bar
60/50 Single Leg Toes to Bar

* Male / Female

Scaled: 20 Calories 40 Knee Tucks / 80 Ab Mat Sit Ups

“Assault Pull”
25/20 Calories on the Assault Bike Each
20/10 Bar Muscle Ups
40/30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
60/50 Pull Ups

* Male / Female

Scaled: 20 Calories 40 Partner Assisted Pull Ups / 80 Ring Rows

Each team member must complete calories on the Assault Bike and as a team complete the gymnastics movements. The first team member will complete their Assault Bike calories before moving to the gymnastics movements. Only one team member may be working on gymnastics movements at a time and teammates may divide the work anyway they choose. Each chipper will be scored separately. There is a 7-minute time cap for each chipper and a 1-minute transition between them.

Event # 2

“No Cats Allowed“
6 Minutes to complete each Squat
A) Max 20 Rep Overhead Squat
B) Max 20 Rep Front Squat
C) Max 20 Rep Back squat

* Each Squat will be scored separately and totaled for a fourth score.

Each team member must complete A, B or C. Only one score may be submitted for each Squat. Teams will have 6 minutes to complete each 20 Rep Max and teams are responsible for loading their own weights.

Event # 3

“Push & Pull “
9 minute AMRAP:
Push the Prowler 40 Feet
Pull the Prowler 40 Feet

RX Men: 165, 235, 285 RX Ladies: 145, 195, 225

Scaled Men: 145, 195, 225 Scaled Ladies: 125, 155, 175

Each athlete will push the prowler down the 40ft course using the low handles. They will then pull the prowler back to the starting point. Using the RX Men as an example: each athlete must push / pull 165 lbs., then each of them must do the same with 235 lbs. The last weight, 285 lbs., will be completed as an AMRAP in the remaining event time. During the AMRAP at the final weight, teams may divide the work any way that they choose.

Event # 4

RX: “45 / 45”

Scaled: “36 / 36”

RX: Ground to Overhead 75 / 55

Scaled: 55 / 35

Burpees Over the Bar


RX: “21 – 15 – 9”

Scaled: “18 – 12 – 6”

RX: Ground to Overhead 95 / 65

Scaled: 75 / 55

Burpees to a 45# plate


RX: “5 Rounds”

Scaled: “4 Rounds”

RX: 9 Ground to Overhead 115 / 75

Scaled: 95 / 65

RX: 9 Burpee Box Jump Over 24 / 20

Scaled: 20 / 12

Each team must complete all three couplets in order. Each team member may only complete one couplet. Teams are responsible for loading their weights and advancing their bars to the next station. There is a 24-minute time cap and times will be recorded for the completion of each couplet.

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