Announcements – Week of May 11, 2014

Westside Powerlifting is back! Time to get HUGE! Coaches Andrew and Chantelle are ready to get you strong. This is a closed nine-week course using Westside methods. The focus is on increasing your lifts, primarily the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. The course meets Tuesday, Thursday, Satu
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Five Ways to Improve the Holy Grail – The Squat –Coach Adam

            We know it's important. We've heard all the cues. The basics are repeated so often it could make you nauseous- knees out, heals down, chest up, butt back. I've gotten looks from athletes after repeating these cues that could send c
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Why should you squat? –Coach Kat

Simply put, so you can live independently.  You sit in a chair. Then you stand up. You have squatted.  You sit on a toilet.  You stand up.  You have squatted.   You pick up the pen you dropped on the floor at work.  You then stand up.  You have
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Appreciate your PR’s – Coach Kat the Preggo

Well 23 weeks into this creating a child thing and I have come to realize a few things here.  But one of the biggest things I have realized and I wish to preach to you is appreciate your PR’s.  You all have days that you PR on a lift, or PR on a workout.  You cele
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Pat Regan’s Story.

What do I enjoy the most about Albany Crossfit? What I enjoy most about Albany Croosfit is the ever-expanding family that I have acquired through my membership. I first joined ACF more than five years ago looking for something to supplement my Karate training – something that wo
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The Deadlift -by Coach Kat O’Sullivan

After reading a CrossFit Journal article by Greg Glassman simply named “the Deadlift” I have come to realize the true benefit of the deadlift.  Mr. Glassman says in sentence one “The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity
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