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Strongman –Jason Otero

I was describing a strongman WOD to a friend the other day; they looked at me and said, “that sounds hard.” Without thinking I said,  “yeah, it was great!”, his response was that I was crazy, and it got me thinking, easy is crazy. I’ve done easy, I’
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Rx: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should — Coach Carmen

“I would rather do a heavy Fran any day over regular Fran” said the instructor at my Level One.  Even as he went on to explain himself, I thought he was crazy.  Heavier = harder, right?  He said the reason that he would rather do a “heavy Fran” (ie: with a prescribed weight of more th
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The Language of CrossFit. –Coach Mary

Tabata, AMRAP, WOD, RX, ATG, EMOM, Globo, SDHP, TBF, RX, TTB, CFT, and a personal favorite, PR. And that’s just a small sampling. A sampling of the Language of CrossFit. Go anywhere and hear one of these terms across a crowded room uttered by a perfect stranger, and if you’re a CrossF
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Scaling and the CrossFit Ego. –Coach Chris

We all want to be the best.  Whether it’s the best in the class, the best in the gym, or the best version of ourselves, we are driven to (be)tter. The more we CrossFit, the stronger and more confident we become.  Sometimes that confidence brings with it an unwelcome sidekick: ego. Now
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Announcements! (Week of 04/06/14)

Weightlifting just got bigger! Starting Monday April 7th Weightlifting meets Mondays at 6-7 and Wednesdays 7-8:30 Join James McDermott as he builds our Weightlifting community one PR at a time! For more info; Weightlifting info@albanycrossfit.com Out of the Pits event! If you are look
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