Our Strongman is geared towards individuals who love to lift up heavy odd shaped objects and perform great feats of strength. Train with us and be the hero when someone needs help moving a couch because you will probably be able to just do it catyourself! Our Strongman program isn’t just for the freakishly strong. Regardless of your current fitness level or strength you will be able to:

  • Be a part of a fun, close and supportive community.
  • Build strength that will make you stronger for everyday activities.
  • Perform feats of strength you never thought you were capable of before.
  • Drink beer, talk about how great bacon is and eat plenty of meat if you are into those kind of things!


             The Strongman program is headed by Coach Catherine Toniatti Yanulavich. Coach Toniatti Yanulavich is a nationally ranked Strongwoman and is literally the Strongest Woman in the Capital District! She currently holds a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Strongman certifications. As an active competitor in the sport Coach Toniatti Yanulavich’s expert coaching will guide competitive and recreational lifters alike to success.

Program Logistics…

  • The Strongman Program meets three times per week on Mondays (8pm-9:30pm), Wednesdays (8pm – 9:30pm) and Sundays (12pm-1pm).
  • Each class is assisted by Assistant Coach Jason Otero who is also an active competitor in the sport and resident Strongman.
  • The training program implements equipment such as Stones, Logs, Hussafelt Stones, Tires, Sleds, Yolks, Axel Bars and other heavy stuff!
  • All Workouts are scalable depending on your current fitness level and experience.


At Our Gym You Will…

  • Learn from the Capital District’s top experts on Strongman Training.
  • Test the margins of your own experience and redefine success.
  • Train in a facility that has produced Olympic, Professional & Amateur athletes in various sports.

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