Sports Performance

sportsperformancepage              Are you looking for a gym that will give you or your young athlete the mental and physical edge over competitors? Well look no further! Albany CrossFit’s Sports Performance program is your answer. Our custom Strength & Conditioning program is designed specifically to make your athletes fitter in all aspects of the word. After training with us your athlete can expect improvements in the following physical skills necessary to excel in sport:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance to last longer out on the field.
  • Stamina & Strength to push harder in the last seconds of the big game and overpower competitors.
  • Flexibility to help prevent unnecessary injuries and keep athletes on the field instead of the sidelines.
  • Speed & Power to blast through defenses and score game winning points!
  • Coordination, Agility, Balance & Accuracy to build a complete and well rounded athlete.


             Our Sports Performance program is led by Head Coach James McDermott. Coach McDermott holds a degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science and has extensive knowledge in working with sports teams and young athletes. He is a current USAW Level 1 Sports Performance and a CrossFit Level 1 Coach as well.

Program Logistics…

  • Athletes participating in any sport may participate in the program.
  • Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm for eight weeks.
  • Each class last for one hour in duration and will be comprised of various Strength & Conditioning modalities.
  • Athletes will train in a team oriented atmosphere designed to build the teamwork & communication necessary to be successful.


At Our Gym You Will…

  • Learn from the Capital District’s top experts on Strength & Conditioning.
  • Test the margins of your own experience and redefine success.
  • Train in a facility that has produced Olympic, Professional & Amateur athletes in various sports.


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