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  "One of the things that is really remarkable about CrossFit, to me, is the camaradarie… It is what makes these workouts possible.  I cannot IMAGINE, even with all the same equipment at my disposal, doing these level and intensity of workouts at my normal Gym. &n
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December 2012 – Joe Ferrandino (ACF)

James shows some love for the newest Member of the Month at Albany CrossFit:  Hard Working. Dedicated. Bad-Ass. Crazy-Sexy-Cool.  These are words that pop into my head when I think of how to describe this month’s member of the month Joe Ferrandino!  Joe first came
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December 2012 – Charles Petraske (CCP)

What can I say about Chuck?  That he has about as much heart as anyone in the gym?  Yup. That he has one of the best attitudes I've ever encountered? Definitely. That he uplifts all those around him? All day, everyday. Chuck is one of those people that you truly look for
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