199268_10151108180707875_449975813_nAre you bored with the same old cardio, machine or barbell training you have been doing for years? Are you looking for something new, exciting and challenging? If you are then our Kettlebell Program is the right fit for you! Kettlebell training offers a unique variety to your training that will help you get fit, lose weight and build muscle using only one piece of equipment. By training with Kettlebells you will:

  • Enhance your Strength and Cardiovascular Conditioning through total body workouts.
  • Learn fun and varied exercises that will challenge every muscle head to toe.
  • Develop proper lifting technique that will keep you safe and transfer over to other non-kettlebell exercises.


Our fun group Kettlebell program is headed by Coach Jason Murphy. Coach Murphy is our resident Kettlebell expert and currently holds the CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kettlebells certifications. He has been trained in the art of Kettlebell training by Kettlebell Guru Jeff Martone. If you need help fine tuning your swing or want to get into the best shape of your life Coach Jason Murphy is your man!

Sign-Up Today To:

  • Learn from the Capital District’s top experts on Kettlebell Training.
  • Test the margins of your own experience and redefine success.
  • Train in a facility that has produced Olympic, Professional & Amateur athletes in various sports.


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